What is
‘House Matching Service’?
Your departure date is nearing but you still haven’t found a place to stay once you arrive there.
There is also a language barrier so you might not be able to properly communicate.
How will you handle a situation like this?
Through our House Matching service, you can let Come&Stay know what kind of room you would like to stay in and every week, we will inform you of places that meet your requirements.
Come&Stay will take care of contract matters and negotiations with the landlord on behalf of you, so all you need to do is prepare for your life in South Korea!
We also have services ranging from airport pick-up to move-in assistance.
Leave the burden of finding
a room to Come&Stay!
We will relieve your concerns on finding a room to ensure your pleasant life in South Korea.
We have a perfect customized search!
Are you short on time preparing for your leave, saying goodbyes, and buying necessary things for your life overseas? Out of thousands of rooms, Come&Stay will help you in finding the best place to live.
Multiple Language Support
Have you experienced inconvenience when trying to contact real-estate agencies in South Korea due to a language barrier? Through Come&Stay’s multiple language services, you can check up on rooms without having to contact any real-estate agency.
Accurate Information Provision
Are you afraid the room you reserved will look different from the pictures you saw online? Come&Stay gives accurate information on rooms after on-site inspections.
Convenient ‘One-Stop’ Service
By offering you a one-stop service that ranges from a room reservation to a contract, Come&Stay does its best to introduce you to rooms with reasonable prices.
4 Steps to the House Matching Service
Step 1.
Sign-up for the House Matching Service
Please find me a single room that is close to my school
with a monthly fee that is below 500,000 won.
First, click ‘House Matching’ from our website menu bar,
then fill in your room requirements and hit ‘Submit’
Step 2.
Receive Room Recommendation Through Email
I have found a room that matches my requirements.
Please let me know if the room is available.
Every Monday, please check your email or on our website the ‘My Page’ icon
to see the list of recommended rooms. If you find a room you are interested in,
the manager of Come&Stay will discuss the contract with the landlord on behalf of you.
Step 3.
Reservation and Move-in Confirmation
Please proceed with the reservation
so I can move in right away when I arrive.
After receiving consent from the landlord and making the contract,
a down payment must be made on the room along with a brokerage commission payment,
which is around 40% of first months rent.
Step 4.
Contract Completion and Move-in
Please assist me in the move-in procedure.
The manager from Come&Stay will visit you upon arrival and assist you in signing the move-in contract.
Our main goal is to practically support and secure your life in South Korea.
We will do our best to ensure you live a
comfortable and convenient life in South Korea.
Does the room look different from what you saw online?
Are there changes in the room rental conditions,
such as the monthly rent or security deposit?
If there is a problem with the room you selected do not hesitate to contact us.
Come&Stay will do its best to make sure you find the best room.
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