noeul Share House
Name of the Operator
: 노을
Houses Being Operated
: 1 houses
Opening Year
: 2018
노을 하우스는 ‘내가 살고 싶은 집’ 입니다.
함께 생활하는 즐거움과 나만의 독립적인 공간을 접목한 편안하고 안전한 집을 목표로 합니다.
List of Sharehouses operated by noeul Share House
noeul Share House
아주대 1호점
Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si 원천동
₩350,000 ~ ₩450,000
₩700,000 ~ ₩900,000
Conditions for Move-in
Period of Minimum Contract 180day, Allowed Age-from 20 to 39, Available for Foreigners, Available for Students, Available for Office Workers, Available for Married couples