Share House home 601
Name of the Operator
: 셰어하우스 home 601
Houses Being Operated
: 1 houses
Opening Year
: 2012
2012 June 1st, the guest house with satisfaction of travelers with cost becomes sharehouse S601 and Guest house G601 that friend of friend becomes your friend. And finally, it is becoming home that you want to visit to see more friends. The final goal and priority of 601 is nothing else, but people.
List of Sharehouses operated by Share House home 601
Share House home 601
Gangnam-gu Yeoksam-dong
Yeoksam 10Mins’ Walk
Gangnam 15Mins’ Walk
Sinnonhyeon 10Mins’ Walk
Eunju Station 3Mins’ Walk
₩250,000 ~ ₩500,000
₩10,000,000 ~ ₩50,000,000
Conditions for Move-in
Period of Minimum Contract 90day, Women-Only, Men-Only, Available for Foreigners, Available for Students, Available for Office Workers