Name of the Operator
: 언니네하우스
Houses Being Operated
: 1 houses
Opening Year
: 2014
Unnie of Unnie‘s house.
It is located near subway line 1, line 2 station called 'sinseol-dong'. Our sharehouse is in the college town (Korea Univ, Hanyang Univ, Sungshin Women's Univ & International College of Korea) and also a good location for business area (Seoul Station, Jong-ro Station, & Dongdaemun station) in approximately 10 mins. We do have a convenient store and grocery store near by. It is less than a min to get to convenient store and 10 mins to get to the grocery store Also, affordable street food&food trucks are easy to get by the sharehouse Korea Folks Market, Dongmyo Vintage Market & Dongdaemun Shopping Center are very close to our location, so I highly recommend to go to these places to just for a walk and eye-shopping.  Unnie who is from Kyungsang-Do came to Seoul with only two bags at her age of 23. The fact that she hopped around many places that are not nice made her obssesed with space and house, which caused her to start this business of guest house. Based on that she ran project of improving cultures of young peoples abode. She is trying to expand the share house with different projects such as ‘talent sharing’, and ‘share in share’.
She is hoping to provide warm shelter to the young with hopes and dreams and waiting for them while the world is brutally cold.
List of Sharehouses operated by UNNI HOUSE
Jongno-gu Sungin-dong
Sinseol-dong 1Mins’ Walk
₩430,000 ~ ₩520,000
₩1,500,000 ~ ₩1,500,000
Conditions for Move-in
Period of Minimum Contract 31day, Allowed Age-from 18 to 35, Available for Foreigners, Available for Students, Available for Office Workers, Available for Married couples