Share House AWESOME
Name of the Operator
: 개인
Houses Being Operated
: 1 houses
Opening Year
: 2018
This is share house "AWEWOME" This is an apartment with 24hour security and there is police station at the enter of apartment. There is a place for taking a rest with coffee, bord game and foot spa stuff something in the house. This house is for 6 persons total and they are student, businessman and exchange student. Hopefully, It is good opportunity for you to make a good friends and study together.
This house is located very near subway station [line 6 Dolgoji/돌곶이역] and Korea National University of Arts(한국예술종합학교). It takes about 5 min by work.
List of Sharehouses operated by Share House AWESOME
Share House AWESOME
Seongbuk-gu Seokgwan-dong
Sangwolgok 5Mins’ Walk
Dolgoji 5Mins’ Walk
₩370,000 ~ ₩500,000
₩1,000,000 ~ ₩1,000,000
Conditions for Move-in
Period of Minimum Contract 180day, Allowed Age-from 20 to 35, Available for Foreigners, Available for Students, Available for Office Workers