Name of the Operator
: 어라운드 유
Houses Being Operated
: 1 houses
Opening Year
: 2015
Place where you share the warmth, around:U

 Place new people live together. To provide such spaces, Share house Around:U is ready for you.
 Sharehouse Around:U has everything you need to enjoy the life in share house, we will provide pleasant abode with comfort and low expense.
 Not only to share the space, but also to let you experience real ‘sharing’, our plan of ‘one house one share’, will try to practice sponsoring 1 kid with compassion every time one house is fully booked.
 Sharehouse Around:U where people live not alone, but together. We are going to put every little effort in order to let you experience real ‘sharing’ in daily life, and to make it a place where life and dream can be shared.
List of Sharehouses operated by around:U