LAON Share House
Name of the Operator
: 라온쉐어하우스
Houses Being Operated
: 1 houses
Opening Year
: 2015
 Laon Sharehouse is located in Dongpyun Mael, which is so famous as a beautiful village near Indeoegwon Station.
Laon Share house is also an beatiful house with excellent view of Dongpyun Mael with 190㎡ area and Barbeque garden.
At Laon sharehouse, the young can live their life safely in more pleasant place, and it is a place in which they create happy culture, while they enjoy quality times and cook together, and communicate to eachother.

 Laon also provide various services for the young like the house party and cleaning service once a month, and 50% Discount in using the Aptment Condominium viewed Hajodae beach, Gangwon Province, and 10% discount service in using convenience store which located in 1st floor.

Enjoy happy Life in a beautiful house and village near Indeogwon station, where you can go to Gang Nam within 30 minutes
List of Sharehouses operated by LAON Share House
LAON Share House
Dongan-gu, Anyang-si
₩350,000 ~ ₩500,000
₩700,000 ~ ₩1,000,000
Conditions for Move-in
Period of Minimum Contract 180day, Allowed Age-from 20 to 35, Women-Only, Men-Only, Available for Foreigners, Available for Students, Available for Office Workers