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What is a Sharehouse?
  A residence with shared common areas typically furnished and equipped, and bedrooms typically rented independently to unrelated temporary occupants. It is a new conception of living that is able to enjoy ‘sharing’ and ‘exchange’.
  A Share House is already being put into action with expensive rent in major cities such as Japan, Australia, etc. Moreover, it is getting popular among young people because they can share not only the wide space and the convenient facilities but also housing expense.  In Japan, there are many large Share Houses that can live more than 50 occupants by remodeling the dormitory of broken company or old building. On the other hand, the republic of Korea operates Share House by taking out a lease on an apartment or detached house which is about 300 ~ 400sq feet. Therefore, you can feel like a dormitory because there are 3~4 rooms and 2 bathrooms basically and 2 or 3 people live together. This is why you can feel like a family with your room-mates(other occupants).
  One of the big advantages of Share House is that the minimum of lease contract period term is 1 month. This is why the deposit is cheap because it costs only for 1~2 months. So that you can move freely rather than *general rental houses (one-room apartment, studio apartment, etc.). *Usually the minimum of lease contract period time of general rental house is 1 year or 2 years.
  It is an ideal place to live for international tenants who come for school, work, or to learn Korean because it offers daily interaction with native Koreans in a family neighbourhood. Especially, women are more preferring than men because of safety and security. In fact, the share houses only for women are occupied 80% of all.
Tenancy Agreement
  If one decides to live in our Share House, it is important to create a tenancy agreement between the operator and the future tenant. The agreement will cover everything from rent, security deposit, when to pay rent, extra expenses etc. An occupant has to make a lease with the operator just the same as usual rental house, although the share house is a sharing and living place with the other occupants. After singing the lease, the occupant has to pay a deposit and a monthly rent and pay every monthly rent and management expense.
  Aside from the rent, there is a monthly maintenance fee (electricity and hydro) that will be billed to the tenants monthly (the overall bill is divided among the tenants). When it comes time to pay your rent, please be sure that the monthly maintenance fee is included in it.
  Majority of our Share House are on a basic 3 to 6 month contract period. If the tenant moves out anytime in between the contract period or wishes to terminate it before the period is up, there will be a penalty fee. If you wish to move out, it is always best to notify the operator as early as possible so you may see what your options are. In cases like moving out before your contract period is over, there may be chances you will not get the security deposit back, so please be wary of what your options are.
Sharehouse Facilities
  Most of the Share House come fully furnished. This includes bed, desk, shelf, couch, kitchen appliances, refrigerator, washing machine, curtains, bedding, internet, etc. Recently we have begun to provide the basic day to day supplies as well, such as laundry and dish soap detergent, garbage bags, recycling bins, toilet paper, etc. When comparing to living alone and not in a Share House, going with the Share House is a much cheaper option because you are saving in many aspects.
  In addition, replacing fused light bulbs, or disinfection of rooms, and other facility repairs are services that come with living at our Share House. There is also a bi-weekly cleaning service provided. Instead of sharing share houses’ facility with every occupant, share house is offering the variety of facilities of high cost that are never seen in One-room or studio building. Recently, the share houses are increasing with concept differentiation, conception interior design and conception of design house. Therefore, the occupants’ variety of choice is increasing.
The differences with room sharing.
  There are lots of people who are confusing with ‘Room-Share’ and ‘Share-House’ because of the feature that the occupants live with sharing their places. It looks similar but they are different concept. The most difference of them is the existence of operator.
  Because the operator of the Share House is in charge of managing the facilities, treating the house equipment with respect is highly important. In fact, maintenance of facilities as well as the overall management of the house is done through the rent paid by the tenant. As it will state in the signed contract, the tenant will pay the rent and management expenses directly to the operator. Our operators are always working behind the scenes to make your life in our Share House as enjoyable as possible. Compared to other houses, when a problem occurs, we are always on top of resolving it.
  ‘Room-Share’ is that rent by a friend or an acquaintance. That’s why existing occupants proceed to screening of moving in with new occupants. Basically, it is the same as ‘Share-House’ that consider one to another and role the facility with making a house rule. However, it operates by private trust relationship. Also, if an occupant moved out, rest of them have to pay more and if there is a trouble with other occupants or breaking furniture, occupants must solve the problem on their own.
Life in the Share House
  In fact, living in Share House is very ordinary but there are some people who feel fear or expect much more than anybody’s thinking. Currently our Share House houses less than age of 30s of workers, university students, and foreign students who are all living their own personal life and experiencing Korean culture. Although they are all living separately with different lives, there are many opportunities to becoming friends. You could cook together, share similar interests and hobbies, go out together, travel to places together, etc.
  Of course there are people who can get to know each other or not. Also there is a trouble with occupants. That is why considering each other is very important. After using public spaces, like the kitchen and washroom, as a basis of living as a community it is especially important to clean and arrange it the space so the next person may use it with ease. If people begin to neglect that, like leaving our laundry or food, personal items etc in the shared spaces which is not individually assigned to a tenant, the house appearance will change. It will no longer look neat and tidy. It is really important to abide by the rules set in place or else the living environment will no longer be pleasant.
  Therefore, recognizing the fact that our houses have spaces you share with others, it is best to avoid disturbing the other tenants with things like that.
Choosing the Share House
  When selecting a Share House, it is highly recommended that you pick the house and room in advance. It is best to make a decision after visiting the place and discussing any further things or questions with the manager. If you do not check the facilities and rules beforehand through the internet, it will make it a little difficult on our end, the operators.
  Also, before agreeing to the contract, which spans from 3 months to 6 months, it is best to check the house's surrounding areas and environment as well. This is to avoid any regrets later once the tenant has already signed the irreversible contract. Since each sharehouse has a different, the services and facilities may vary. This is why we highly recommend the possible tenant to explore their options and residents before coming to a decision.
  Share House throughout South Korea are still in their beginning stages so there may be some things we might not have. In addition, not much is really known about the Share House and the operating companies. Since the rent and locations of the Share House are convenient, many people move in thinking it is just like a general rental house.   However, one of the most important and distinct factors is the operator of the Share House. The Share House life is influenced by the attitude of the operator. For example with the interior design and layout, the rules set in place, what is provided and what is not provided, it is all determined by the operator(manager). The atmosphere changes and varies according to the operators from house to house.
Sharehouse Check-ups
  It is important to note that the manager of the Share House how often visit the residence as they are the ones responsible for the house. These visits will help to catch any problems or damages done to the place so we can do our best to resolve and repair them. Also if there is any disagreement or discontent among the tenants, we will also do our best to fix that to avoid any bigger situations in the future.
  It is also important that check carefully to the rule of occupant or the caution of life in Share House. Of course, there are some places that offer a copy to each occupant instead of gulling a paper to the wall. Therefore, it has to be posted in a conspicuous place.