Read an Honest Tour about your Sharehouse
PLAN A Seokgwan
A secure house with lots of wide open spaces!
  The Seokgwan branch is located on Line 6, in between Dolgoji and Sangwolguk station with a distance of 5 minutes from the apartment to the station. It is located in a residential neighbourhood that may undergo redevelopment in the future. The moment you enter the apartment, it is like you have stepped into a completely different world.
  Trees that spread into an arch, as if they are standing and leaning at the same time, gives off the feeling of walking into a forest of bamboo trees. You can walk along a beautiful pond with flowers like you are on vacation. These are the scenes you can see if walking along one of the various trails that snake their way through and around the apartments. Just imagine what a beautiful sunny day could be like there?
  The door automatically unlocks when you punch in the passcode. You enter the shoe area and the hardwood shelf and the shoe organizer to the left are immediately noticeable with the mint coloured wall. There are cute dolls placed along the shelf, a nice feature to liven up the place.
The wooden shelf has dolls placed on top for decoration.
The shoe closet, located to the right of the entrance, has plenty of storage space.
The washroom, complete with a bathtub.
  As you open the wooden sliding doors, you enter the living area, complete with a mini wooden stool, full length mirror, framed dried flowers as decorative pieces, large sofa, a TV, and a study table. The living room spreads out into a big square. The living room window stretches from the ceiling to the floor and from one end to the other. The sofa is so large that 4 people lying along it would not be enough to cover the entire thing.
We secure wide spaces within the home to prevent any discomfort as many people would be living together, and this large sofa was prepared so that a person can get really comfortable to rest their mind and body after along day at work or school. We also consider the health of the residents so we purchased eco-friendly wooden furniture, non-toxic paint, and other non-toxic environmentally friendly products.
The wooden shelf with the black wall-mounted TV, along with the green plant complimenting the white wall.
The framed dry flowers are placed along the shelf direct a stylish interior feeling.
A spacious dining table that has room for 7 people comes fully equipped with kitchen needs so you do not need to separately buy them.
A beautifully designed vintage set that many newlyweds prefer due to its luxury. We are lucky to have the set in our Sharehouse.
There is a water purifier that allows cold and warm water to come out so you can avoid the hassle of buying water bottles from stores.
  There is a tall refrigerator in the kitchen with sections assigned to each tenant for their own personal use. There is also an island table installed, making cooking very comfortable. Also, there is a drawer that contains various cooking utensils and household goods right below that tenants are free to use.
  The kitchen comes with cooking utensils, cutting boards, pots and pans, as well as a mini oven, a coffee machine, a water purifier, and even tableware. In this Sharehouse, you do not need to buy personal goods as they will already be provided to you.
  Now the personal space will be introduced. The first one, the most popular one, is the single room with a yellow wall and white background. These two colours a great contrast as they make the room appear really bright. With a wooden bed, wooden desk with drawers, a bookshelf, a wardrobe, and a dresser with white and wooden tones, the room comes fully equipped with all the necessary furniture. By placing a mirror above the dresser, it can be used as the dressing table.
Here is the luxurious wooden bed and desk. The dresser and wardrobe with the same wooden white tones.
Without anyone interfering, one may quietly go about with their writing in their own study space.
  Across from the single room (the opposite end), a double room with 2 beds, 2 desks, and oversized shelves can be found. Even with 2 people, there is no worries about colliding as there is an impressive amount of room. There is a separate spacious dressing room inside with built in storage space. There is also a private washroom shared between the 2 tenants. Compared to the single room, it is definitely affordable considering how large the room is and what it come with.
The two beds and shelf placed in the very spacious room.
A well lit room with enough space to work that it can seem like a single room.
The washroom has a shower stall instead of a bathtub.
The large built in storage space is quite large. The picture does not do it justice.
  From the apartment entrance to your left, there is another double room. There is a large window for the warm afternoon sunlight to peak through the curtains. There are adorable, fluffy pillows and duvets for when it gets cold in the winter. You can work on your homework while overlooking the view from the window (which shows the interior of the neighbourood) at your desk. The desks also come with a small mirror/dressing stand. Also the built in closet provides lots of space, and the bookshelf was placed along with wooden beds and drawers to provide more space.
The tables have a mini dressing table to store your belongings and give more space.
Each room is neat and clean, and they come with the basic closets.
  To the right of the entrance there is another double bedroom with wooden beds placed side by side as you enter. There are wooden desks with private holders placed on top and two shelf spaces along the bottom which are greatly accommodating. There is a little vanity area attached to the wall to utilize the small space. The closet space is separately divided to ensure the tenants receive maximum and equal amount of space.
Along the height of the desk there is space that serves as a bookshelf.
You can see how the storage space is built in for ample amount of space along with the small dressing area attached to the wall.
  The initial cost needed to move in is down payment which will serve as the security deposit. The down payment is the regular rent for the room times 2. Upon moving out after the contract period is over, this amount will be returned back to the tenant. This is a really good way to secure your place in the house. If there are any problems with the appliances or anything is wrong in general, please let the manager know and it will immediately be fixed
  All rooms, single and double, come with the furniture, each featuring a different charming wallpaper. There are also decoration pieces lying throughout the house that bring the house to life. 소품 하나, 가구 하나, 페인트 하나를 고를 때마다 친환경 제품을 선택하느라 고심했다는 관리자의 말처럼 하우스 곳곳에서 느껴지는 정성스러움에 한시라도 빨리 이곳에 짐을 풀고 쉬고 싶다.

2015.10.17, Hamkke