Read an Honest Tour about your Sharehouse
PLAN A Kyunghee Univ.
The house for female students, Hamkke.
   From Hufs 5min on foot, from Kyunghee univ 5min on foot. New Hankke have opened between Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies(Hufs)and Kyunghee univ. This house is as good as a dormitory. Because it is closer with Universities than a station. It is located on small hill so you can see the whole Hufs in this house.
   As soon as enter the house, tidy home decorated with wood&white color greets occupants. Point color adds the brightness, some items and frames which are located all over the house make this place more refined. A full-length mirror next to the front door helps tidy yourself before you go out.
   Hamkke imun kyunghee has 2 single room, 1 double room and 1 three-beds room. So 7 women would live together. Especially the single room in this house are bigger than other houses. Enjoying the private time is an advantage of single room. But if the room is too small, it gives stuffiness. Hamkke imun kyunghee offer enough space for user of single room to enjoy comfortable time.
   There is a double-deck bed in the double-room. the beds had been made by hardwood and ladder of bed also made thickly. So it is very safe. This room satisfies the residents through the efficiency of space and convenience
   Hamkke always offers one desk, one chaire and one closet per person. That is Hamkke's principle.
   In case of 3 beds-room, generally storage closet is not enough. But Hamkke is exceptional. Because there are also 3desks and 3closets for each person.
In fact, that is the first 3 beds-room in Hakke. So it has a special meaning. It is for the people who are interested in Share house but have too tight budget to live in studio about 4~50KRW. Although administrators had worried if this room didn't be popular, it have already been compelet before opening the house.
   Because the hygiene is the most important in the kitchen, there is decorated with white color. There is of course of the sufficient storage space and also it prepares everything even cups.
   Space where residents enjoy a meal is decorated with chocolate color's wall. Moreover as considering that the people prefer to have a meal watching TV, TV is located next a dining table.
   Some items set here and there in house make women's space more special. Administrators have expect that this house would be popular to students because of the location. So they have fat up the living room like a library. The habitants don't need to go to library to study.
   Result from the cozy ambiance made by props and furniture, I want to talke with friends as sitting around the house. House mate's daily that they comfort each other every evening as finalizing pleasantly a day is painted in my eyes. In the charming house for seven women, what do they talk about?

2016.08.11, 송기획

Kyunghee Univ.