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PLAN A Jongno
A culture of 'care' and 'communication'!
  From Sinseol-dong station, it is just a 3 minute walk to the apartment. The apartment complex is part of the Jongno Cheonggye Hillstate Apartments, and that is where our Jongro Sharehouse is located.
  The newly built apartment is beautifully constructed and very secure. Access to the building is allowed only when the resident's status is confirmed at the common entrance. The common entrance is also securely locked and so this residential area is an ideal place for women to live.
  When you enter the apartment, to your left there is a large shoe stand. At first glance, you may think it can hold up to 40 pairs of shoes, which means there is definitely enough space for 7 tenants.
Upon entering the living room, you can see it looks very spacious.
The sun pleasantly shines through the large windows.
A full length mirror placed along the path to the exit.
A modern looking sofa with lots of space provides a good place for tenants to sit and talk.
  As you walk to the exit, or the front door, of the apartment, the full length mirror installed in the path provides a perfect chance to see your outfit from head to toe.
  The living room is very wide and open with an ample amount of space, which is easily noticeable on first glance. Tenants are free to use the TV, study there, or just chill, which is the point of this house; provide comfortable spaces and environments that feel very close to home. Decoration pieces are placed throughout the apartment, there is a large TV cabinet, a long wooden desk with chairs to study, and the large sofa which all in all give the place a very modern feel.
The place comes fully equipped with kitchen utensils, which can be hard to gather in places that do not provide them for you already.
The kitchen is very tidy. It fits the modern feel with a classy wooden dining table set.
A mustard coloured wall that adds a warm feel to the whole place. It also contrasts well with other colours in the apartment.
Above the dining table are white shelves lined with dried flowers that are framed.
A washer and dryer is installed in the apartment so you can do your laundry very quickly. Also the laundry detergent and softener is also provided.
Anyone lying in a tub this size can forget about all the day's worries with a nice long bath.
  Our Sharehouses house a variety of ethnically diverse people and professionals who mingle and experience living together. Your family might think it is an inconvenience living with strangers don't you think? That is why we do our best to ensure our tenants are provided with what they need with minimal discomfort. Let's briefly look at the private spaces, aka the rooms.
  If you wish for a separate room, the single room is the one you want. It is the most popular room. It is painted orange and it comes with a desk, cabinet, bed, and a dressing table. In addition, the space is large enough to even roll around luggage, and you have access to the laundry area through the veranda.
This is the perfect room for those who wish to live alone. It is fully stocked with everything a tenant needs.
The single room has a private veranda where the tenant can store things. There is a large closet to hang your clothes in.
  The double room has a blue wall and a bunk bed, which helps take full advantage free space. You might be worried the bed on top will shake when climbing the stairs, making it uncomfortable. However, the bunk bed is made of solid birch wood so it will not shake, even if two adult males were to climb it, it will not move. Also, the wood used is environmentally friendly.
The beds and hardwood timber desks placed side by side in the room. Outside the glass door there is a well lit porch.
The cabinets are systematically arranged with the door. They are the perfect size to store your clothes and personal belongings.
  The wooden bed matches with the desk and chair because they stand well with the colour blue. The shelves are attached to the wall to convey a more sophisticated feel. Plus is goves more storage space.
  This room also has a bunk bed, but do not be fooled and think it is the same room as the last one. This room's wall are painted green to clear up any confusion(s). Unlike the other room, the desks in this room are divided to give the tenants a sense of personal space. Outside the glass door there is a private balcony with efficient space.
  Everything in this house is basically environmentally friendly. From the wooden furniture to the paint on the wall, all was done with the thought of creating the best environment for the tenants. The bed also comes with it's own sheets, blanket, and pillow.
The desks are placed separately so it gives a little more independent feel.
Outside the glass door there is a private porch.
  If you wish for more space and the bunk bed rooms are not doing it, then this double bedroom is highly recommended. Coffee mocha tones are used on the walls, the beds and desks are placed side by side, and overall there is much more space when comparing it to the bunk bed rooms. There is a vanity area, walk in closet(s) and even a private washroom.
The double beds are in front of a spacious veranda.
Lots of storage space, a dressing room, vanity area, suite styled washroom, which area all very popular features.
  There tenants in the Sharehouse have particular favourite spaces. In the last 3 months, the Japanese students enjoyed sitting in the living room because the rofa was the right place to rest after returning from school.
Even though we found the place through the internet, it has even better facilities than the school dormitory. Our parents are at peace of mind because it is like a real house-like spacious studio. For international students looking for a safe place to stay, this location is highly secure so I would highly recommend it.
  The view you have of the outside from the living room is very nice. You see trees wrapped around each other, children playing in the playground, and long trails that weave in and around the apartments.
The playground and exercise facilities available to the public.
A beautiful trail that really brings out the mood of the season.
  So why do our sharehouses strive to create a comfortable atmosphere despite it being foreign to a lot of our tenants? It is our wish to make your stay in our Sharehouse as comfortable as possible so we go to great lengths to ensure you are living in an enjoyable environment. From providing laundry detergent to toiletry, kitchen utensils to bedding, making sure everything is in it's proper place, it is all done to ease the tenants stay. Just think about hanging that first batch of laundry you did at your new place, the lightness and fresh feeling you get from the smell of clean laundry already makes it seem like home. That is how we want our Sharehouse to feel like, home.

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