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PLAN A Dangsan
The house raising the living quality.
  Near the Yeongdeungpo-gu Office Station, Hamkke dangsan was positioned.
   One of the great advantages of Hamkke dangsan located in a tidy officetel is convenience. To Yeongdeungpo-gu Office Station, it takes 5min on foot and to Hongik univ only three stops. it is possible to commute to Shinchon in 30min.
Yeouido where KBS and National Assembly of the Republic of Korea are located is 3stops away. you can go to Jongno 3ga without transfer therefore il is easy to commute for workers.

   This house also has excellent life environment. There are two convenience stores in the complex and Costco is in front of the house. Soon another large market would be built near the house.
You can enjoy a walk at the Dangsan park where is next to Yeongdeungpo-gu Office. Anyang river that is 20min away offers the place to exercise.
   The interior is simple. Only needed furniture has been arranged and the rooms has been decorated with simple items. It has a living room and veranda. So it isn't suffer by comparison with a small apartment.
   Hamkke dangsan is composed of 3 double rooms and 1 single room. It is possible to use efficiently the space because each room has a big closet. And every room is bright because of the big windows.
   blue color was used as the point color of the house. It gives unity and stability to house. In the double rooms, there are separated desks for residents. It helps to concentrate on their work. These desks have drawers so it would be practical.
   Every desk has been decorated with small flowers it adds brightness in the room. Also the desk mirror that is offered individually makes residents are more satisfied becase it likes a symbol of careful concern.
   "Simple is the best". Hamkke dangsan is a little different with other Hamkke sharehouses. generally Hamkke is decorated charmingly but in case of this house, neatness stands out. Although this house is less cute, it alos means that residents could decorate their private space as they wish. The simple space looks nice with whatever.
   Students want more joyful and dynamic daily life, workers wish to get out of commuter trains as quickly as possible. If you take a subway at Hongdae at 00:50am, you could arrive at home in 1:00am. If you work by night, you could come to home by taxi paying only 5,000KRW. After finishing daily work, buy some beers at the convenience store that located in front of the house to drink with your room mates. As talking about each other's day, you could end the day perfectly. close house, convenient house. Hamkke dangsan is the house which adds the satisfaction.

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