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Sopoong Seochon guesthouse
Sopoong, a traditional Korean-style guesthouse
   Traditional Korean-style guesthouse Sopoong has been relocated from Gyedong, Jongno-gu to Tongui-dong. Sopoong has been winning hearts of many for long since its opening in December 2012 as a result of the management style of and the kindness uniquely attributable to representative Bae, Kuk Jin. In reality, the facebook page of the Sopoong guesthouse has accumulated 4,800 likes and an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.0, showing a great level of satisfaction among previous visitors
   The Sopoong guesthouse is located on an alley right in front of the Yeongchumun Gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace, and only takes about 5 minutes for the average woman to walk herself there if she uses the elevator from the Gyeongbokgung station, subway line number 3. Taking the airport limousine bus, number 6011, which travels from the Incheon international airport and stops by Gyeongbokgung station is an alternative way to reach the place.
  It is very easy to visit famous historical attraction such as Gyeonghuigung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace and Jong-Myo, and tourist attraction such as Samchun-dong, Bukchon Hanok Village, Jong-Ro, Dongdae-Mun and Myung-Dong. Therefore, visitors who visit to Seoul feel convenience.
   In addition, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency is located within an 800m distance and the Central Government Complex and the embassies of the U.S and the Czech Republic are all located in the vicinity which gives Sopoong an added source of pride due to the excellent public safety.
   Once the visitor enters the alley that allows him/her to view the walls of Gyeongbokgung Palace and open the wooden gate, the visitor will be greeted by nostalgia stimulating sound of the wooden gate and antique furniture.
The cozy garden in the center of the house is adorned with traditional Korean props such as Jangdokdaes and roof tiles. Befitting a guesthouse that aims to promote sharing of culture, artists occasionally make performances in the garden.
  One of the main appealing qualities of the Sopoong guesthouse lies in the fact that one can look up at the sky of Seoul near the ‘building forest’ that is tightly surrounded by skyscrapers. In particular, the traditional Korean-style house that well matches the night sky leaves all in awe.
  The cup of tea that representative Bae, Kuk Jin provides upon check-in allows one to taste Asian culture that is closer in nature to a more static and delicate one as opposed to a dynamic and sophisticated one. It is also a time when representative Bae’s good intentions to go beyond the relationship between a keeper and a visitor and to become friends with someone he has just shared a common culture is brewed.
  The common use space that one can take a look around while sipping tea is filled with generally preferred top class household appliances that include a Dyson vacuum cleaner, washing and drying machines made by company L, a Korean manufacturer renowned for its premium household appliances and a Smeg refrigerator. The walls are painted with diatomite, which is catching on as an environmentally friendly finishing material and the usage of hardwood dons the impression of a traditional Korean house while props such as rail lighting ensure that the house doesn’t fall behind trends.
   Currently, room number one that can accommodate 4~5 persons, room numbers 2,3 that can accommodate 2~3 persons and room number 4 that is set up like a dormitory that can accommodate up to 6 persons are in operation, and the sleeping gears self-made from good materials are eye-catchers.
   The storage space in the dormitory room, which underwent numerous changes in its design, leaves a deep impression as it has been cut to match the size of an average luggage bag and has a door lock installed in each partitioned space.
  Discoveries of deliberate considerations for every nook and cranny of even the smallest parts in every room also left a deep impression, as a 1850W high power hair dryer made by Unix was provided and it was hard to find an empty space in each room as traditional Korean props were placed in each unoccupied space to liven up the ambience.
   The best part by CEO Bae Gook Jin, preparing this Guest-House, is bathroom. He set 4 bathrooms for providing bathroom in each room. This bathroom of clean mood has shared washing tools such as shampoo. Especially, it was amazing that he set heat rays under the bathroom to feel warm in winter.
   The Sopoong guesthouse was true to its appearance as a guesthouse that puts up ‘Sopoong’ which means ‘to take an outdoor excursion to replenish oneself’ as its name. Traces of hard work and deliberate considerations for those visitors from Seoul and other regions of Korea to truly replenish themselves when they lay down to rest, and to make their Sopoong a worthwhile Sopoong could be felt in every corner.
  By sharing the culture and minds with those from other parts of the world and deeply immersing oneself to the Korean experience in this traditional Korean-style house where one can deeply feel the changes in season and time, your ordinary daily life will turn into a sparkling Sopoong even before you realize it.

2016.01.15, 오은빈

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