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Bukchon-Maru 북촌마루
Bukchon-Maru, facing Korea in Bukchon which is ful
   Bukchon is located between Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung and Jongmyo ans it is known as the village that noblemen lived in the Chosun Dynasty. Even rapid urbanization, it is protected well as a traditional living area by standing close with traditional Korean style houses. Therefore, it is called ‘Bukchon Hanok Village’.
   The guesthouse in Bukchon-Maru, opened on 2010, is located in 'Bukchon Hanok Village' between 2 gyeong and 3 geong and adjacent to the Jungang High School which has a history of 100 years. It is little bit far from subway station but it is easy to find out even you have your baggage, because it is near the bus station which a shuttle bus No. Jong-Ro 01 passes by.
   It was snowing when we went to Bukchon-Maru for filming. Hanok(Korean's style house) with snow was the traditional house of South Korea just as called 'The House with Natural Setting'.
   Diamond dust snow blowing around immortalized a charm of Bukchon-Maru Guest-House. In the other hand of usual Hanok, Bukchon-Maru is a 2-storied-house and has wonderful terrace which you can see the whole sight of Seoul town. Therefore, you can enjoy great different sight of Seoul view in each time, weather and season.
Even though you do not stay in Guest-House, you can go there and watch sight of view, so we recommend to take a look around.
   There are 2 family rooms which 2~4 people can stay in the 2nd floor and 2 double rooms which 1~2 people can stay. Every room is Korean traditional heating room and each room has bedclothes, towels, a hair-dryer and an air conditioner as a basic.
  You can lock the door using a latch in the room and when you go out, you can lock the door using traditional latch. This traditional latch was impressive.
Dozens of Hanok Guest-Houses are becoming accepted as ‘Convenience Hanok’ and one of the simplification is a locking device.
Bukchon-Maru’s locking device is quite difficult to use but it is more Korean and traditional.
   There are bathroom in each family room and a shared bathroom for double rooms. Wooden bathroom gives feeling traditional Hanok which is based with wood and washing tool such as shampoo and toothpaste, is prepared. It is not wide much but it is enough for one person to use and is clean.
   Unusually, there are block of fermented soybeans and platforms for crocks of sauces and condiments in everywhere on the 2nd floor terrace. They recall Korean grand-mothers who lived in Joseon Dynasty period.
The mother of Guest-House manager offers breakfast with fermented soybeans, red pepper paste, soybean paste and soy sauce.
   Free breakfast is offered everyday and it comes out by Korean heart that shows korean’s traditional culture to the guests who visit our house. Actually, there is no delicious meat but it is warm and earthy.
   Various Korean traditional clothes and accessories which visitors can experience are prepared in shared space on 1st floor. If you wish, you can wear them and take pictures inside or outside of a house and this service is also free.
  The living room is Hanok is the hall way connect from a room to the other room but it can be wind road which can avoid the heat and also become a shared space which can share tea and chat.
   How about fill your schedule in with specificity in Bukchon-Maru that you can experience human affection and tasty of Korean traditional culture?

2016.01.21, 오은빈

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