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Some Etiquette you need to keep in mind in a share
출연: Min Seo Kang
등록일: 2016.03.25

There will be various of peoples from across the countries that will be staying in the sharehouse and because of the cultural differences there are many things that should be taken into consideration. And I will let you know the points that should be note while staying in a sharehouse in Korea.

1. Noise
: Its one of the most sensitive issue. In Korea, normally starting from 9 pm ~ 10 pm and till the late hours and it is considered as a rest time for most of them, and if one of the roommates are taking a rest in the room and the public space should be in silence right?

2. Using the public space
Since the public space will be shared by everyone, personal belongings should be kept and not being scattered around and remember to keep it clean always. In the kitchen where all the cooking happens should be kept safe and clean at all times and after cooking please remember to turn off the gas valve to ensure a safe environment. And after using the washing machine and the dryer remember to always remove everything in the machine as the other roommates are waiting for their turns. In order to maintain the house to be clean at all times, its highly recommended to make a duty rooster and throw the garbages and the usage of the washing machine according to the duty rooster.

3. The usage of energy
Since the bills will be paid together, its wise to save and control the usage of electrical bills and etc. By doing this you can help the Earth and your spendings.

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