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Meet Turkey in Korea! Kervan Bakery
Do you know Turkey, the brother nation of Korea? Turkey is a special country, blending many different cultures of both Asia and Europe.
Turkey is also known as one of three countries that boast evolved food cultures. Especially, sweet dessert attracts people from all over the world.
You can taste the sweetness here in Turkish bakery, 'Kervan'.
Turkish sweet dessert has been influenced by Middle Eastern food culture, which makes food sweet for refreshment and long-term preservation in hot weather. The traditional recipe is still being used and loved by the entire world.
In Korea, you can meet the most Turkish bread and scrumptious dessert, here in Turkish bakery 'Kervan'.
From Salty cookies and Sweet cookies with rich flavor, to Baklava, with sweetness piled in layers, to chewy Kadaif, to a variety of bread and pudding. You won't be able to take your eyes off those delicious foods.
They also sell many kinds of Lokum(Turkish Delight), which you must try in your life.
Turkish dessert's sweetness beyond your imagination will make your sense of taste delighted. You can enjoy greater taste when you eat it with Turkish coffee or Turkish black tea, Cay.
Turkish bakery, 'Kervan' is about 200 meters to the right of Itaewon Station exit 3. Why don't you go there and relieve your stess 'Sweetly' on this weekend?

2016.02.25, 오PR

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