[Come and Read] All for share house
Share house, How do I choose the right one?
출연: HyeonJi Kim
등록일: 2016.05.09

What would be a nice share house? Is there any guideline to follow? Unlike studio apartments, it is relatively new type of habitation, guidelines are still vague. Therefore we prepared this. How do we choose share house?

1. How to looking?
How do we find it? Real estate agents? A share house is commonly searched online.

2. Let's choose one!
Management style and provided services vary depending on which company runs the business, so it is imfortant to check that.
In case of international students from other countries, we recommend to contact with house manager.

3. Share house and room share(house share).
There are people considering room share, house share and share house as same things. The big difference would be whether there is a management firm or not. Share house has management business that takes care of house and policies. Just in case of room share, you should write a contract or lease with owner for tragedies might happen in the future.

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