[Come and Read] What shall we do in Seoul
Popular spot, Seocheon Tour(feat. She was pretty)
Do you know about Seocheon?

A place where you can feel the breath of old Seoul,

located at the west village of Gyeongbokgung.

Compared to a modest figure in Bucheon,Seoul

but much more of a familiar neighbour hood that you will be used to.

Head over to the famous Tongin Market

to experience buying and eating the traditional coin dosirak(lunchbox) with Seocheon tour,

and it will be a regret for not coming along.


They are closed on Every Monday and every third week Sunday.

As you are roaming around the alley ways of Tongin Market for their famous oil fried tteokbokki and small kimbaps or directly translated to ‘drug’ kimbaps, you will see lots of foreigners holding the ‘dosirak’ box.

It will left you with a nostalgic feeling while watching foreigners who are impressed with the famous oil fried tteokbokki to friendly and lovely korean halmoni(grandmas) who are very happy to meet new people who are interested in korean food.

Beside Tongin Market there is a bakery

called Hyoja Bakery that is famous for its cornbread.

Isn’t it a huge regret if we come to Seocheon and left without eating the famous cornbread, right?

And in Seocheon there is a popular filming spot

for the drama ‘She Was Pretty’

which was aired late last year.

Kim HyeJin(Hwang JungEum)-Min HaRi(Go JunHee)’s house

which was a ‘orgel’ music box shop music box 4757

and the chinese restaurant YeongHwa-Ru

where Kim JunWo(Park YooHwan)-Han Seol(Shin HyeSun) were having a date was filmed in the neighbour hood.

Before the drama was filmed,

it was also famous for its 50 years of traditional Seocheon famous restaurants.


Breaktime: Everyday from 3pm to 5pm.

But, Seocheon’s biggest charm

which shows the beautiful colors of Seochon.

You can find and look around for old buildings easily

and they are still preserving the buildings in the hustle and bustle in the city of Seoul.

Not only that, there'sPark No Soo art gallery

as known as the first generation of Korean painting Master,

Palais De Seoul, Daerim art gallery and also,

Seocheon village provides lots of attractions

likes Okin-gameworld can relieve their childhood memories

by playing games along the street of Seocheon village.

Thus,we introduce you Seocheon tour route!

From Tongin market passing by the road of Seocheon village,

where Yeongchunmun Gate and Daerim art gallery are located and all the way to Gyeongbukgong station.

How about going to a Seocheon tour on a warm spring day?

2016.03.22, 오PR

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