[Come and Read] What shall we do in Seoul
Is there any place to eat bread as a meal?
Mr. Miriam is Germany international student and came to Korea 2 months ago. He was very happy to come to Korea which is very interested in but he was worrying about….
Bread. Differentially with European who eat breads as a meal, Korean eats bread as a snack. Therefore, he could not find a place to eat breads as a meal.
One day, his Czech friend who has similar experience recommended a bakery in Yeon-Hee-Dong.
Today, we like to introduce Jenis-Bread. In fact, this place is recommended to us by Mr. Miriam.
The motto of Jenis-Bread which has begun in Hong University since year of 2002 and moved to Yeon-Hee-Dong is ‘Bread can be foods than snaks’
So they make breads using olive oil than butter and good minor ingredients such as organic flour for being healthy daily meal.
From plain bread and ciabatta to healthy grain bread and sweet scone-! In Jenis-Bread, you can enjoy various kinds of bread with pricing 2,000~5,000 won.
In Jenis Café on the 2nd floor, they are selling salads, pizzas, soup and pasta which are suitable with bread. It is being famous. If you come here, you better take a look.
Just Mr. Miriam did, if you have a trouble with bread, how about to go to Jenis-Bread in this weakends?

2016.02.24, 오PR

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